“Muwashahat” with Dr. George Sawa

belly dance muwashahat lecture

Sunday, November 8th
2:00 PM PST / 5:00 PM EST
LIVE + 30 Days Streaming


Join music scholar, Dr. George Sawa
for a fascinating  journey through the musical tradition
of Muwashahat, from its ancient roots to the modern stage!


Dr. Sawa will cover:

  • The multicultural origins of this style
  • Key figures in it its spread and preservation
  • The relationship of dance with muwashahat music
  • What today’s dancers need to know to perform to this music

Registration of $25 includes:
Live attendance on Zoom
Participation in the Q & A session
Streaming for 30 days

Early Registration Bonus before October 25th!

“8 Muwashahat Songs for Bellydancers”
An e-book to familiarize dancers with danceable songs in this style.