The History of Belly Dance with Artemis

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Sunday, March 28th 3:00 PM PDT / 6:00 PM EDT

From the caves of Hathor to the dusty streets to cabarets worldwide, this dance has flourished in its various permutations for thousands of years! We will explore the many roots of this beautiful dance.

  • We will learn how, through the passage of time, this dance was shaped by religion, wars, politics, migrations, trade routes and the film industry.
  • We will see how dance was carried by the Romany people and “invaded the hearts” of those who saw it.
  • We will learn how the Almees, also known as “the wise women” entertained and educated the onlookers.
  • We will see how the Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese and American styles of Oriental dance have flourished.
  • Then, we see how new dance art forms were born.

Regardless of your style or level of dance, you will enjoy many “Ah Ha! Moments” as Artemis fills in the gaps and connects the dots in this entertaining and educational presentation packed with beautiful slides and authentic footage to illustrate the history of this enduring and wonderful artform!

Don’t miss out out this incredible learning opportunity!

Parts 1 and 2 are 2 hours each – 4 fascinating hours! full of gorgeous photos, video footage and insights!

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About our presenter…

Artemis Mourat

Artemis has been dancing, teaching and researching dance history in the United States and abroad for over 40 years. Artemis is of Greek and Turkish descent. She fuses her love of these cultures with strong academic knowledge and excellent dance technique. She brings her spirited and articulate technique to workshops which include information on the history and cultures that generate the dances she teaches. She believes that we can all use art to build bridges across cultures.

Artemis has contributed to many publications. Extensive travel to 33 countries and intensive research into the idioms of the East, women’s issues, psychology, ancient history, oriental dance, Romany (Gypsy) dance and dance ethnology have yielded many manuscripts and articles.

Artemis has done field research in ancient dance, Middle Eastern dance and Romany (Gypsy) dance in Turkey, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, France, England, Morocco, Tunisia, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Egypt and Greece. She has attended Romany Festivals in France, Turkey, Romania and the US. She has collected wonderful video footage of Roma people in which they are dancing, celebrating and experiencing everyday life. Artemis continues to collect antique pictures of women and dancers from North Africa and the Middle East and of the Roma throughout the world. Her collection is one of the largest in the United States and some illustrations have been used by the International Encyclopedia of Dance, the Smithsonian Institution, the largest Romany Museum in the world (in the Czech Republic), the Romany archives at the University of Texas collected by Ian Hancock, all the major Middle Eastern Dance publications and in several books.