BDQ Spring Cleaning – Week 2

Welcome back! This week our belly dance spring cleaning focuses on the little – but important things… our makeup, jewelry and hair accessories that complete our “total look” as bellydancers.

Here are this week’s tasks:

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Round up your makeup

Gather up your makeup from all of its homes – your dresser, bathroom counter, gig bags, purses. Lip glosses in coat pockets – you get the idea.

Check your makeup for freshness

Check each item to see if anything has “gone bad”. How do you know when makeup is past its prime? If you see any of these signs, throw it out and put a replacement on your shopping list. Be especially careful about anything that gets used around you eyes.

  • It has changed texture
  • Liquids have separated
  • Pressed powders are too hard to pick up on a brush
  • Liquid eyeliner or mascara that is more than 6 months old
  • It smells rancid or “off”

Wash your makeup brushes and sponges

You wash your face everyday so it makes sense that the things that touch your face need frequent washing too! Give your brushes and sponges a bath, then put a reminder on your calendar to check back in sooner than next spring!

Round up and inspect your jewelry

Collect all your costume jewelry from your gig bags, closet or an any other place they may have landed. Check the clasps – are the still secure? Are all the stones intact? Are any prongs in settings bent out? Is it tarnished or discolored?

Clean your sparklies!

Your jewelry needs a bath too! Oils from our skin and makeup can make our sparkly rhinestones look yellowish and dull. Restore their beautiful glisten with some cleaning.

Gather your hair pieces and headdresses

Hair pieces and headdresses take a real beating. They get tangled, pick up sweat and oils from your hair and have probably been hit with some hairspray too. While hair pieces can generally be cleaned with shampoo, your headdresses may need cleaning more similar to your costumes, depending on what they are made of.

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