Bellydance combos and choreographies are like recipies. You combine the ingredients in different ways, use different cooking techniques and add your personal flair, and voila! You have a delicious dish. But just like in cooking, the most delicious dishes always start with top quality ingredients. That’s how I view the role of drills in bellydance. When we up the quality of our individual movements, we elevate the overall quality of our performances. Look at ballet
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A typical question I get from beginner bellydance students is how they can remember what they learned in class from week to week. Retaining and building movement vocabulary is a big part of the beginner phase. But no matter what level you are – beginner to pro – we all know we never stop learning, so let’s look at this question more broadly. How can we effectively retain important points from any bellydance learning experience?
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Be great at taking performance compliments!

December 19, 2019

How Not To Take a Performance Compliment

Mahin Sciacca Comments are off
I’ll bet you recognize this kind of post-performance bellydance conversation… It’s after a show and one belly dancer compliments another’s performance. The dancer on the receiving end says thank you – maybe. Then goes on to explain that she’s coming down with a cold and felt really off, or…. fill in with whatever sub-optimal performance condition you can think of. Maybe you’ve heard this before. Maybe you were the one saying it. If so, please
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