“Lessa Fakir” Bellydance – Intermediate


Learn an intermediate level dance combination to the classic Egyptian song Lessa Fakir. Seriously, bellydance songs don’t get much more classic than this!

Riad al Sonbati composed Lessa Fakir for the diva, Oum Kathoum. For more information about this song check out this blog post with some history, lyrics translation and important information for bellydancers to understand about this song.

This song is an example of a song form called “ughniya” which means “long song” in Arabic. Songs in this style have many different sections with varying tempos, moods and in different maqamat. Although a song may only be 5 mintues long, performances of long songs could last up to an hour. Sometimes the singer can repeat sections over and over before moving on. These repeats might be because the audience demands it or because the singer just wants to explore the melody and improvise in a different way.

From a bellydance point of view, the important part of the song is the introduction, which is usually the part we dance to and where we find the “iconic melody” that we associate with these classic songs.

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