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Talismans, Amulets, & Symbols in the Middle East and the Maghreb” with Amel Tasfout

Learn the history and cultural significance of the hamsa, “the eye”, facial markings and more with a native of the Maghreb region.

“Practical Anatomy for Belly Dance” Vol 1 & 2 with Mahin
* 2 separate items

Learn how to dance safer and stronger but understanding and applying anatomy concepts to bellydance movement.

“Dancers in Orientalist Art” with Dawn Devine

What can we learn from looking at how belly dance has been represented in art through the ages? A lot! Take a fascinating art history trip through time with Dawn Devine!


“Getting Inside Egyptian Music” with Dr. George Sawa

Bring your dance closer to the beautiful music that inspires it by learning about some of the elements that are most important to us as dancers. Learn about structural elements of Arabic music, musical forms for dancers, maqam, tarab and more!

“Wedding Traditions of the Maghreb Region” with Amel Tafsout

Amel will share her first hand experience growing up in Algeria, photos and video footage on:

  • Engagement and pre-wedding customs and rituals
  • Differences between rural and urban customs
  • Marriage ceremony traditions
  • Traditional wedding clothing and jewelry
  • The music and dance of wedding celebrations

“Egyptian Shaabi Culture” with Leila Farid

“Shaabi” means “of the people”. When it applies to music – and dance – it’s all about the working class people, their lives, struggles and celebrations.
Shaabi music was born out of social discontent in the mid 20th century and has continually evolved over the past 50 years. Leila Farid lived and worked in Egypt for 13 years and saw much of it first-hand. She talks about the social events that sparked the creation of Shaabi music and how it spread and changed over the years.

“Mohammed Abdel Wahab: The Man & His Music” with Dr. George Sawa

You’ll learn :
The importance of this pivotal time in Egypt’s musical scene
What influenced his music and how he shaped the future of Egyptian music
The musical structure of his compositions so you can dance & choreograph to them more effectively
The rhythms and features of the music that help you illustrate the music more authentically

“Salomania: Fact and Fiction” with Dawn Devine

Join art historian Dawn Devine aka Davina as she takes us on a journey tracing the history of Salomé and her mythical “Dance of the Seven Veils.”
From her origins in the 1st century CE to today’s modern interpretations, this presentation will include the many ways that Salomé has appeared
throughout the last 2000 years of Western history.
Special focus on the development of the Salomé costume in the late 19th century, which forms the foundation for today’s modern belly dance bedlah set.

Dancing in Egypt: The Fantasy, The Stigma, and The Reality” with Vanessa of Cairo

She will be discussing:
An overview of the current dance industry in Egypt
How being a working dancer has changed in the last few decades.
Changes in Egyptian society that have affected the dance industry
How Egyptian society regards dancers, both native and foreign born.
and more!

“Muwashahat” with Dr. George Sawa

Join music scholar, Dr. George Sawa
for a fascinating journey through the musical tradition
of Muwashahat, from its ancient roots to the modern stage!
Dr. Sawa will cover:
The multicultural origins of this style
Key figures in it its spread and preservation
The relationship of dance with muwashahat music
What today’s dancers need to know to perform to this music

“Knowing Your Roots: The History of Belly Dance” Parts 1 & 2 with Artemis Mourat
*2 separate items

From the caves of Hathor to the dusty streets to cabarets worldwide, this dance has flourished in its various permutations for thousands of years! We will explore the many roots of this beautiful dance.
Regardless of your style or level of dance, you will enjoy many “Ah Ha! Moments” as Artemis fills in the gaps and connects the dots in this entertaining and educational presentation packed with beautiful slides and authentic footage to illustrate the history of this enduring and wonderful artform!

“Belly Dance Showgirl: Nejla Ates” with Dawn Devine

Join historian Dawn Devine aka Davina, as we explore
the most famous Turkish dancer of the 50’s.
Nejla appeared on Broadway, in films, and on stages in New York, Las Vegas, and across the US.
During this slide-talk, we will explore the trajectory of her fame and how she utilized the media and press to craft her stardom.
We will watch film clips, look at newspaper clippings and magazine articles, and dig into the gossip and scandals that followed her during her career.


“Dances of Celebration” with Amel Tafsout

The dances of celebration are an expression of authentic dance that have guided North African people since ancient times.
In this online presentation, Amel will discuss:
Fertility dances
Ceremonial dances, such as in weddings and celebration
Warrior dances
Spiritual dances such as bringing the Baraka or healing.
For each dance style, she will talk about the origin of the dance, who it is performed by and for what reason, music , rhythms, instruments and costuming

“Talking Bellydance: Orientalism and Anti-Orientalism in Dance Terminology” with Ainsley Hawthorn

In this online presentation, Ainsley will discuss:
Patterns in the way English-speaking belly dancers named dance movements in the 1960s and 1970s
How English-language movement nomenclature has changed since then
Why some prominent dancers have moved away from referring to their style as “Tribal”
The trend to drop Arabic and Turkish stage names
The persistence of the name “belly dance”
How the words we use can reinforce or challenge Orientalist ideas about the dance and its cultures of origin

“Farid al Atrache: The King of Fusion” with Dr. George Sawa

Farid el-Atrash was the king of fusion – a fusion that is organic and in good taste. He was also an actor and his films and music for Samia Gamal have become the classics of the golden era.
In this online presentation, Dr. George Sawa will cover:
A selection of songs by Farid al-Atrash of particular interest for dancers
General meaning and translation of songs
Rhythms used and song structure
How to approach these songs to dance to them in an authentic Egyptian style
Other interesting cultural insights and film information for the selected pieces!

“Art, Innovation, Tradition, & Leadership in Raqs Sharqi” with Yasmina Ramzy

Innovation is an integral part of making dance art.
Without the addition of your unique interpretation, it’s just lifeless imitation.
Informed innovation combined with respect for origins and cultures is the key to taking raqs sharqi forward with integrity.
In this online presentation, Yasmina Ramzy will cover:
How to find your unique creative expression while upholding the integrity of source and origins
How to discover the deeper meaning of a style or folklore or piece of music
How to inspire dancers to follow you in your artistic vision
How to communicate your artistic vision in an impactful way.

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