I have a crazy dance partner.  I could describe her for you, but I think you’ll get a better sense of our relationship from the tale of a choreography in the making… We had a drum solo from the prior season, but she was tired of it and was itching for a new one. She’s like that – once it’s done, she’s often done with it. I’m thinking, it’s finally super-smooth and polished let’s get some
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SGH Episode #4 In this episode: Interview with Morgiana on her nearly 40 years teaching and performing bellydance, review of Middle Earth Ensemble’s CD “Passage”, a report from the International Bellydance Conference of Canada in Toronto, and upcoming event news. Show Links Middle Earth Ensemble http://www.middleearthband.net Fat Chance Bellydance Intensive www.plazadeanaya.com Cool Summer Workshops in Flagstaff Fall Festival of Music & Dance www.levantalsonora.com Completely Classics One with the Music www.shes-got-hips.com/Events.html Arab-American Festival http://arabamericanfestival.com/index.php Mahin on
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April 8, 2010

She's Got Hips Podcast Episode #3

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LISTEN HERE : SGH Episode #3 Interview with Yasmina on her bellydance journey from cabaret to tribal fusion and her adventures in between.
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Interview with Helena Vlahos on her 30+ year career as professional bellydancer, performing from coast to coast. LISTEN HERE SGH Episode #2 Show Links Helena’s Website: http://www.helenavlahos.com/ Featured Music by Cosmos: http://cosmosmusic.net/ Phoenix First Ladies of Bellydance Show: http://shes-got-hips.com/Phx1stLadies.html Daily Bellydance Quickies: http://shes-got-hips.com/Quickies.html Tucson Spring Workshops: http://www.levantalsonora.com/ Int’l Bellydance Conference of Canada: http://www.bellydanceconference.com/2010/  
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