Practical Anatomy 2

Your body is your unique instrument… the better you get to know it, the more you can improve your dance!

Dancing is more than just knowing the steps and being on time. The beauty comes when we execute them with grace and fluidity. When we can bring relaxed elegance with posture and stability and can express all the nuances from exquisite softness to power that commands the stage.

What are some of the elements behind these performance qualities? That’s what we’ll explore in Volume 2 of Practical Anatomy & Body Mechanics for Bellydance!

Alignment – how to find it and how misalignment hurts our bodies and our movement quality

Coordination – from the small details of layering up complex movement to the larger coordination of parts for whole body effects

Balance – even without a prop on your head, balance affects your turns, spins, movements in one-legged stance and all travelling steps. Improve it and watch them all rise to the occasion!

Learning how these processes work in your body will help you understand your movements better and improve your dance – and your ability to help your students as an instructor!

Sunday, May 31st 11:00 AM PDT + 30 Days Streaming Access

$25 includes Live Attendance & Q&A + 30 Days Streaming Access

Invest in your instrument… yourself!