“Rhythmic Tapestry: Exploring Forms and Beats in Arabic, Greek and Turkish Music” with Faisal Zedan

Rhythmic Tapestry: Exploring Forms and Beats in Arabic, Greek and Turkish Music

with Faisal Zedan

LIVE Sunday, April 28th  12:00 PM PDT / 3:00 PM EDT
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In Arabic, Greek, Turkish and Balkan music, there are various forms that can be generated within each beat count, creating a rich tapestry of rhythmic possibilities. These forms encompass a wide range of shapes and accents, each contributing to the unique character of the music.

Exploring the distribution of these forms across regions reveals fascinating insights into the cultural and musical diversity of the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and beyond.. Different regions within these areas may emphasize specific forms or incorporate unique variations, reflecting local traditions and influences. 

When we look at drumming techniques, particularly on the Derbakki drum, there is a rich tradition of hand movements and finger techniques in Arabic and Turkish styles. These techniques have evolved over time, from the traditional Egyptian and Syrian approaches to the more modern Turkish style. Exploring these movements offers a glimpse into the dynamic evolution of drumming techniques, showcasing the adaptability and creativity within the music traditions of the region.

In this talk, you will learn about…

  • Different forms generated within various beat counts in Arabic and Turkish music.
  • Shapes and accents of different forms
  • Distribution patterns of rhythmic forms across regions in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Significance of specific forms and how they are used
  • Evolution of hand movements and finger techniques on the Derbakki drum.

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About Our Presenter….

Faisal Zedan is an Arabic Percussionist, drummer and drum teacher. He was born in Lebanon and raised in Syria, moving to California in 1991. Faisal plays derbakki, riqq and frame drums from Arabic and Middle Eastern music genres. He teaches Arabic drumming traditions with a focus on Syria and Egypt.Faisal performs a wide range of Arabic, Middle Eastern, Central Asian and Eastern European music.