50 Fascinating Facts about Finger Cymbals

Have you ever wondered how are finger cymbals made?  

Where exactly did they come from?  

What are the best finger cymbals for me?  

Join us for all this
and so much more in our upcoming

Finger cymbals are a genre-defining instrument
that gives belly dance its distinctive sound.  

Join us for this fun and fact-packed workshop with Dawn Devine, aka Davina, author of “Zills: Music on Your Finger Tips” as she works through the list to the answers of her most often asked questions.  During the talk, Davina will share loads of photos, illustrations, maps and examples. 

Join us live
Sunday, February 16th
1:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM EST

plus stream anytime for 30 days!

Registration closed midnight Saturday EST.

About our presenter…

Davina aka Dawn Devine is a scholar and author who focuses on belly dance and costume design.  She wrote the best selling “Embellished Bras” and the genre-defining book, “Cloth of Egypt: All About Assiut.”  Her books are available on Amazon– or directly from her via Etsy.

You can read more about Davina on her website or follow her on Instagram/ Facebook