A Classic Bellydance Combo for a Classic Song: “Tamr Henna”

This week’s combo is to a well-known and well-loved classic, “Tamr Henna”. This song is from the 1957 Egyptian movie, also called “Tamr Henna”. Naima Akef dances to this song in this famous scene.

One thing I love about this scene…. she’s playing finger cymbals! So when you hear someone say “Egyptians dancers don’t play zills”… there you go!

But I digress…. our combo this week has lots of footwork and direction changes and accents so we are definitely in intermediate level territory. It’s also pretty quick! The version I’m using is faster than the original one in the movie. Whatever version of “Tamr Henna” is your favorite, it should have the main melody, which is what we’re using for this week’s combo.

OK, let’s go to the studio!

7 thoughts on “A Classic Bellydance Combo for a Classic Song: “Tamr Henna”

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    1. You can subscribe at the top of this page – just click the “Subscribe to the BDQ” link. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

  2. Hello,

    Is it possible to have the rythem structure of the song ?

    Where is a good [lace to perform it ? stage, restaurant, gigs

    Thank you

    1. Hi Rita,
      As with many classic songs, there are lots of rhythm changes. And depending on the version, there would be differences as well. If you would like a detailed rhythm breakdown for a specific version of this song, email me directly with what level of detail you are looking for and I can give you a quote. This song could easily be used for just about any type of performance.


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