BDQ Spring Cleaning – Week 1 Resources

Our first week of Spring Cleaning is all about assessing our costumes situation. Here are some more in-depth resources to help you with this week’s tasks.

See the Spring Cleaning Week 1 Checklist here.

Doing a Costume Inventory

A few years back, I wrote this post on belly dance costume inventories.

Yes, there’s an app for this! There are several wardrobe apps to help you catalogue your pieces. By changing up the category names, these can be repurposed from civilian wear to stage wear. Here are a few:



How to wash belly dance costumes

Not sure how to wash your beaded and embellished bras, belts and skirts? Here’s a step-by-step with photos.

If your costumes need only spot cleaning, or example, getting makeup off the neck straps, here’s a how to.

Making Basic Alterations

If your bra isn’t fitting properly, here are some easy to do tips to improve the fit.

If you have a belt that’s too small or too large, here’s some help on how to do the alteration.

Tips on Costume Storage

Storing your belly dance costumes properly is important! It protects them from mold, fading, stretching and all manner of other horrible fates. Check out this article for tips on storage, including what should be folded, what should be hung, ventilation and more.

More tips on costume storage!

Coming in Week 2 of Spring Cleaning…

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