Tips & How To’s for Bellydance Makeup & Jewelry -BDQ Spring Cleaning Week 2

This week’s tasks will have you diving in to your makeup, jewelry and hair accessories – all the little things that add polish to our performance look as bellydancers! Let’s take a closer look at this week’s spring cleaning tasks, and check out some tips on getting the job done right!

Did you miss Week 1? Catch up on the tasks here, and get tips and how to’s here.

Signs that your makeup has gone bad

As you go through all your cosmetics this week (I’m including my skin care items too), you want to make sure you’re not using items that are expired, ineffective – or worse, could cause infections and breakouts.

Not sure if your makeup has expired? This article goes over the signs that your product may be past it’s prime. It also gives the expected shelf life of common cosmetics.
Read Here

If you purchased your makeup in Europe, there a symbol on the package that will tell you the expected shelf life after opening. Learn where to to look for it here.

How to wash your makeup brushes and sponges

This is a task that often falls by the wayside in our busy lives, but if you want to keep your skin clear, using clean tools is imperative! Just spritzing your brushes with brush cleaner will get some of the pigments off, but not make them really clean enough to be used on your face. For that, your makeup brushes and sponges need a true washing!

This video shows how to wash your brushes. Very important key point:

Do NOT submerge your brushes in water or turn them brush end up when wet! Water gets into the part where the hairs are glued and will cause your brushes to shed, eventually destroying them.

This video recommends liquid castille soap (cheap and pure!). A bar of castille soap works well too.

Simple jewelry repairs

Fancy rhinestone jewelry is heavy and with so many interconnected parts they are prone to breaking. Check out these videos from some DIY jewelry repairs with simple tools and findings from a craft store that just might save your pieces so they can live to dance another day!

If you have items that just can’t be repaired, save them! Broken jewelry can be repurposed as bling on a costume or single stones can be used to repair other pieces.

More clever jewelry repairs!

How to clean costume jewelry

Our jewelry picks up oils, sweat and makeup from our skin which can make our sparkly gems looks dull. Let’s give them a proper bath to restore their lovely sparkle. Here’s how.

How to wash fake hairpieces

This video shows how to wash synthetic hair pieces. They are using special shampoo and conditioner products, which are available, but other sources recommend a bit of laundry soap with a dash of fabric softener added to the water – which makes sense since the hairpieces are synthetic fibers like many clothing items.

If your hairpieces are made of real human hair, a gentle shampoo and conditioner would be the right choice.

Coming in Week 3… we take on our props and veils!

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